Saturday, July 10, 2010


How I wish just a smile would
make all ur miseries go away,
and one touch would set
right ur metabolism.
One glance would make
ur whole world straight.

Just a spin of the fairy wand,
Would make all your dreams come
true. All the crooked path and the
wretchedness you have to face in life,
Grant a wish to make them end today...

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wake up

Its dark and haunted,
by the shadows of the past,
no hint 'bout the present
and the future.

Confronting yourself
for a millions of times,
Walking on the same
street all alone
over n over again.

But, you have to wake up this time,
'cause its just another nightmare,
Once the curtains are raised,
You will know that the other
side of the world is safe and sound.

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Hey Girl!

Girl, just Play it on,
'Cause the show must go on.

You've come a long way,
Don't wait for the perfect day,
Don't regret 'bout the past,
you've got to do your task.

You know you don't deserve this,
there is a lot you've missed,
It may be a blessing or a curse,
But it could be a lot worse.

So hang on,
Play it on,
'Cause the show must go on.

Sunday, April 25, 2010

A Fool!

I held u whenever u fell,
I cried with u when u cried,
I laughed with u when u smiled,
I fought against the world for you...

All I wanted was the same for me,
Was that too much to ask for?

At times, all I needed was
few good words to make me feel better,
Someone to understand me,
When I was broken,
Someone to make me understand that
people do mistakes ,
when I lost my own trust
Someone to tell everything wil be alrite,
when I was defeated by the world...

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Your Choice

You get two choices,
Zero clues,
You've got to pick one,
just one...

White or Black?
Right or wrong,
Profit or loss,
Fractured brain can't
think straight,
No gain without any pain.

What you are now is
'cause of you,
No one to blame,
White or Black?
Black or white?
Its only your choice.

Thursday, April 1, 2010


The crimson Sun rises up,
the clouds try to cover him,
the wind blows, swiftly touching
the leaves of the tree..

Its a bright new day,
A brand new start,
An unsung song,
You step out with a huge smile,
Willing to conquer the world!

Let the passerby just
pass by,
Shoot the devils out of
your mind.

Don't care for the
barking dogs,
Listen deeply to
your silent talks.

Its a bright new day,
A brand new start,
An unsung song,
You step out with a huge smile,
Willing to conquer the world!

Friday, March 26, 2010


The old building is staring
down at me,
as I sit on the steps thinking
'bout the unforgettable moments....

Those were the days when
we were just we,
In our own world, laughing
for hours for a stupid reason,
smiling for no reason...
I can't recall even a single moment
when we were sad..
Caring bout nobody else,
having no clue bout the other world..

The days rolled as fast as it could,
Time flew with joy n happiness,
Each n every moment was
as beautiful as it could get..
Not once did it flash to us that this
wouldn't be forever....

They say "Nothing lasts forever"
Its such a painful truth...
Those days could never
be redone or forgotten....
miss U...